I want my husband back!

Nice helmet!The boys are getting a lot of credit for cycling up hills but has anyone spared a thought for us poor, forgotten cyclists’ wives? It’s been a year since Steve started training to cycle the Etape for Finn’s Trust. In this time I’ve discovered…


5 things you have to endure as a cyclists wife

  1. Lots of receipts. For very expensive Rapha clothes, weird gels and a bike that’s worth more than our car – despite not coming with any wheels.
  2. Watching you stretch. Constantly, whilst watching television, whilst cooking and usually in your pants. This is not normal.
  3. Carbohydrate based meals. My skinny jeans no longer do up.
  4. Looking after your children. Again. We Mums have been forced to band together and collectively empty your wine cellar in protest.
  5. Never getting a lie in. Why do you have to go cycling at 5:45am anyway? And why doesn’t your own alarm ever wake you up? I am tired at pushing you out of bed with my feet.

There is an upside to all this, namely having a very fit husband! And more importantly raising money and awareness for Finn’s Trust, a charity very close to my heart.

I wish you well on Monday boys, Finn would be proud of the Daddys!


  1. Geri,

    I work with Steve. When I see him, he is very respectably suited and booted. You have now planted an image in my mind of Steve stretching in his pants. This image is not welcome and I now need to go and wash my mind out!

    I hope that when Steve returns, the piles of receipts will be for presents for you for putting up with his antics over the last year!

    Good luck, chaps.


  2. Ade, I can only apologise for the mental trauma caused by the thought of Steve stretching in his pants. Just feel blessed you don’t have to witness it on a daily basis…

  3. I have been friends of Pete and Sarah for a few years now, and have witnessed first the hard work and determination needed to train for this ride. It is no easy task and I would just like to say well done boys, amazing effort !!


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