L’Etape du Tour results are in !!!

PeteVery quick update tonight…..just arrived back from the Alps and am totally knackered  as you might expect!!    Steve and I both finished L’Etape yesterday along with 6443 of the 10,000 who started. Steve finished in an amazing time of 5:08:14 and placed 939th and I posted 5:29:14 and placed 1,636th so we’re both pretty happy having targeted 6 hours and top 15%.

The event was amazing…but details will have to wait until my brain is actually in gear…….but thanks to everyone for your support and donations and especially to Jon Wilson who hosted us in Saint Michel de Maurienne and acted as our superb Director Sportive for the weekend !!

Finally thanks to our brilliant wives Sarah and Geri who have supported Steve and I throughout the last 8 months of training and put up with our bike related antics for much longer 🙂

p.s. we are experiencing some problems with Paypal donate (they set a limit on how much you can donate into the account and we’ve already hit it)….so if you experience any problems donating please drop Sarah an email at info@finnstrust.org


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  1. Nikkie Spencer |


    Well done! Fantastic effort and what an outstanding achievement.


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