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Copenhagen Marathon Completed

IMG_5498What a day and what a run. I was joined by 11.000 people. I did it in 4h 8m and I felt very chuffed with myself. I had expected to drag myself through the last hour but it wasn’t that bad after all. I guess my 4 month training paid off. While most people slowed down towards the end I managed to increase my tempo and overtook many runners in the last 30 min. Although the rain started pouring down 30 min in to the run it didn’t spoil the experience. It was probably worse for the expectations. Every 10-15 min there were music and party atmosphere which kept me going. I was also cheered on by my wife, some family members and some friends who all joined in with the fun.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made donations. This meant a lot to me and I know it means a lot to Sarah and Pete who is in the process of making Finn’s Trust in to an official charity.

Yet again, the tinfoil man got the wrong date. Oh well, maybe next time. If you enjoyed the film I made, you might also injoy this film below. Same guy, 12 years earlier. All the best and thanks for all your support.

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Marathon Man


For a number of years I have wanted to run a marathon and now it’s finally happening. On 19 May 2013 I am running my first ever marathon in Copenhagen, not far from where I grew up.

I started training after Christmas and it’s been somewhat of a rollercoaster. I started off really well, full of hope and enthusiasm, running 4 days a week, come rain come snow.

In March I got ill. I was completely wiped out for 3 weeks. It was incredibly frustrating not to be able to continue my running schedule. I started resigning myself to that fact that it wouldn’t happen this year. I was really sad and disappointed. Then the black cloud disintegrated and I started getting my energy back.

Having put myself through a 16 week training schedule I now feel fitter than ever. I’m really excited about running the marathon and I can’t wait to get out there to prove to myself that anything is possible if I put my mind to it.

If you’d like to sponsor my run, it would mean a great deal to me and my dear friends Sarah and Pete. This website tells you all about their charity.

If you are wondering why I’m wearing foil on my head in the photo, you should watch this film which I made to encourage donations:

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All behind me now

Just started and Peter is excited in the back

What a day. The weather was glorious, if too hot for some people. Jo and the kids and a few other friends and mums travelled round the course to cheer us along. It brought a smile to my face every time I passed them. At first I followed the pace of my friend Ben but after 30 minutes of going slightly faster then I was comfortable with I let him go and put on the headphones. I continued to jog along to Mark Kermode’s film reviews. I finished in 2h07m and I ran all the way. I wasn’t uncomfortable at any point and never had to stop or walk. I even ran up a steep hill towards the end, which many contestants had to walk. Only on the last 500 meter did I raise the tempo and overtook a fair few runners. I passed the line with a broad smile on my face. I wasn’t completely exhausted and felt I could have given more. Maybe I should have raised the tempo earlier on and got a better time but I was I worried about running out of steam early on and wanted to enjoy it instead of torturing myself.

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Pete Blach’s Half Marathon

Peter running againI’ve always wanted to run a marathon but haven’t got off my backside until now. A friend completed the London Marathon last year after intense training but without having run before and it got me thinking. I’m getting close to 40. Maybe I should get on with it before my joints need oiling. I’ve picked half a Marathon to start with because there’s one taking place near where I live in Folkestone. Would also be a good tester to see if my legs are up for this malarky.

If you are considering doing something similar yourself, here’s a bit about my experience so far.

I pulled my cheap trainers out in May after a friend advised me I should start training 3-4 month before. After a quick read on the internet I found a gentle beginners scheme of 3 runs a week.

Week one went well. I got to catch up on “Mark Kermode’s” film reviews downloaded on the ipod. After 2 weeks I could jog for an hour without feeling exhausted (surely it couldn’t be this easy). Then the trouble started. A pain began in my right foot after each run and lasted several days. I stopped for a week to rest and picked it up again. The pain continued. It didn’t bode well. I fell behind with my scheme to give my foot time to rest. After 2 months, the pain still hadn’t gone.

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